What To Do If You Need Help

If your congregation is being led by God to embark on a building project and you would like assistance from Christian men and women who have experience doing that, here is what you need to do:

  • Contact Earl Rhyne at babfc1981@gmail.com and tell him you are interested in Builders for Christ assisting you and give him your contact info.  Our postal address is:  PO Box 26370, Birmingham, AL  35260.  Our phone number is: 205-979-5050

  • We have developed a series of questions to assist both you and us in determining your level of readiness and our ability to build for you next summer. We have learned that completing this list of questions helps some congregations understand that they have more things to do before they are ready to build.   Click here to download the question list (Adobe Acrobat File .pdf . To download the free Acrobat Reader, click here)

  • Submit the answers to the questionnaire to the address you find on the list

  • We will be in touch with you about your application and when you can expect an answer.

  • If we believe God is leading us to help you build, we will schedule a visit, probably in November. A team from BFC will come and meet with your congregation and tell them what we do, show pictures and/or videos of previous work we have done and explain the process. We will explain what will be expected of them and what they can expect of us. We will attempt to answer any questions, assist in whatever way we can, and then we will separate to allow your congregants to talk among themselves and seek God’s leadership. At the same time, we will be in another room doing the same thing. When finished, we will come back together and share what we believe is God’s plan.

  • We will help your church understand how they need to organize to receive the influx of volunteers who will be coming to build. We will assist in financial planning, building design, etc. depending on needs.

  • If needed we will together schedule another visit in January or February to answer new questions that have surfaced and continue to help with organization and planning. You will report on permitting, scheduling of site work, etc.

  • We will schedule a weekend in March for a “Spring Meeting”. You will contact the leaders of all of the volunteer teams and invite them to a Saturday morning meeting at which time you will report to them your findings about lodging, food, construction equipment, sanitation, security, and many other details.  The team leaders will advise how many people they expect to bring, what week or weeks they expect to be on site, and the type of work they are prepared to do.